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2014 Aug 20 ~ Introducing herself to Joe Grimes' Pidgin work team


Joe:  Eh you guys, us get one new helpa fo work wit all da kine stuffs dat can fix no matta donno Pidgin. Az da chapta an verse numbas, format markas, quote marks, chapta an verse fo stuff you find inside one diffren book. If her do dat, den I get mo time fo look at wat da Bible tell, fo find places wea still not clea.

     Margaret Daly one good fren fo me an Barbara from long time. Her retire awready, but she no like jus sit watch tv. An she get da same kine Wycliffe training jalike us guys. Her an her husband translate da Bible Mexico side. But she like write spesho fo you guys bout who her and her ohana. So mo betta her be da one dat stay talk:

Hi!  I’m Margaret Daly, retired member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and long-time friend of Joe Grimes.  Barbara and Joe were 2 of the first 4 people my husband John and I met in 1955 when we arrived in Norman, OK to take our first linguistic courses.  I was born in 1929 in the San Fernando Valley, 11 miles north of the city of Los Angeles, California.  I had an older brother and an older sister, both of whom are now with the Lord, as are my parents.  I graduated from high school in 1947 and that fall began studying music theory and voice  performance at Simpson Bible College in Seattle, WA.  It was there that I met John Daly who had come from Tucson, AZ to study at the college.  We were married in 1951 after I had graduated, then returned to Seattle for John to complete the final two years of the Theology course.  It was there in December of 1952 our first daughter, Elaine, was born.  After John’s graduation we spent a year in a small pastorate in southern Oregon before moving back to southern California for John to begin studying at Talbot Seminary.  Our second daughter, Beverly, was born in Glendale in 1954.  In 1955 when Beverly was 9 months old we left our two girls with my parents and went to Norman, Oklahoma, to take our first linguistic courses.

     The winter of 1956 our small family attended Jungle Camp in Mexico’s southernmost state, Chiapas.  Returning to the US in the spring of 1956 we once again headed toward Norman for a second summer of linguistic courses during which we were accepted as members of WBT and assigned to work in Mexico.  We began our fieldwork with the Eastern Mixtecs in the state of Oaxaca in March of 1957 and for the next 20 years spent most of the year in a small Indian village in the mountains west of the capital city of Oaxaca and the summers in the US where we taught linguistics in Oklahoma or Grand Forks, ND.  The first edition of the Eastern Mixtec New Testament was published in 1979 and a second edition in 2002.  John was named Director of the summer school program at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks in 1972 and served in that capacity for 9 summers.  He was elected Associate Director of the Mexico Branch in 1978 and served 2 terms before being elected Director of the Branch in 1982 and serving another 2 terms.  He taught linguistic courses in Spanish at three different institutions in 1967-1968, 1976-1977 and 1979.

     During those years 3 more children were added to our family: Sharon in 1958, Kelly in 1960 and Chuck in 1963.  All 5 of our children are believers and have served the Lord in various ways.  Elaine and her husband Steve, who is also a Wycliffe kid, worked at a university in San Diego for almost 20 years and are now retired in Guatemala where they each are contributing to the work Steve’s parents began.  Beverly passed away in 2004 after a 14 year battle with breast cancer.  When she was well she worked as a marriage and family counselor while her husband Tim served in higher education administration as a Vice President at three different universities.  Sharon and her husband Todd are active members of a large church in San Diego where she serves in leadership of the prayer ministry and has been to Africa 6 times on missions trips.  Todd is a software engineer whose specialty is writing software for medical devices.  Kelly homeschools their children and serves on the board of the homeschoolers association in southern Arizona.  Her husband Jack is a contract auditor for the government.  Chuck is a jungle pilot.  He and his wife Christine have served with JAARS in Papua New Guinea; Cameroon, Africa; Honduras; and Peru.  He also served as Director of Aviation for 6 years and is now Vice President for Global Transportation Services with oversight of all land, sea and air transportation wherever SIL works.

     Because of ill health, both John’s parents and then John himself, we retired from fieldwork in 2001 and spent the next few years as caregivers.  John passed away in 2009.  Since John’s death I have been involved with the ministry of the widows’ group at my home church, with various Bible study groups and have written devotionals to give in Chapel at the Mexico Branch Center in Catalina, AZ.  Three years ago I was asked to serve on the committee which evaluates applications and awards scholarships to Wycliffe kids.  I also enjoy times with family, especially my 17 grandchildren, 4 granddaughters by marriage, and 1 great-grandson.


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